Hiking in Andorra

If you love walking, the Pyrenean country awaits. The best way to discover a country is on foot, step by step, immersing yourself in the landscape and uncovering the secrets it hides.


Nature invites you to take trails with different levels of difficulty that have been adapted for both professional and amateur hikers. Your route culminates with immensely beautiful Andorran spots, such as the lakes, valleys, peaks and refuges.


Hiking through the Andorran countryside allows you to discover the culture, history and most emblematic landscapes in this Pyrenean country. The principality of Andorra stands out for its three nature reserves, one of which was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.


Andorra's main walking route, The Andorra GRP, has no difficult or dangerous sections and crosses the Principality in its entirety, with some sections coinciding with the GR-7, GR-11 and the GR Transfrontiers.

Andorran main walking routs

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